Debatten om 1930-tallet var ikke død!

christian_venneslan_cropI en ny artikkel i Scandinavian Economic History Review tar Christian Venneslan igjen opp debatten om hva som bragte Norge ut av krisen på 1930-tallet. Dette er en etterhvert klassisk debatt i norsk økonomisk historie, som her tas opp til ny drøfting. I sammendraget til artikkelen heter det blant annet:

“This paper addresses the question of how Norway recovered from the Great Depression and tries to show that a monocausal Schumpeterian explanation is flawed. Three elements of such an explanation are being discussed and dismissed: the shift in employment structure; the spread of electric power; and the changes in household consumption. The paper comes to a more balanced conclusion. Mainly for chronological reasons, supply-side factors can’t independently explain the recovery. Not before 1934-35, when recovery had been underway for roughly two years, did supply-side factors start to have a real impact. Only by viewing these forces in interaction with the demand side, in particular export demand generating an investment boom, can a more plausible explanation of Norway’s recovery from the Great Depression be presented.”
Artikkelen er en del av avhandlingen “Industrial Development in Norway – In view of Historical National Accounts” som Venneslan forsvarte for graden dr.oceon i april 2008.
Full referanse: Christian Venneslan, “Norway’s recovery from the Great Depression – an act of balancing?” Scandinavian Economic History Review, Volume  58, Issue 2, June 2010 , 119 – 138