Call for papers – ‘Sport and other Leisure Industries’.

En publiseringsmulighet for idrettsinteresserte økonomiske historikere!

Tidsskriftet Sport in History inviterer artikler til et spesialnummer om Idrett og og andre fritidsindustrier. Som de selv skriver.

“Although sport’s distinctiveness as a form of leisure, due to its emphases on physicality and competitiveness, is undeniable, the study of sports history has become somewhat ghettoised from other aspects of leisure history. Moreover, while the cultural turn in sports history has encouraged a new emphasis on texts and their representation of sport, less attention has been devoted to the wider commercial configurations that have promoted sport’s appropriation by, and of, other leisure and cultural forms.  This special edition will therefore seek to partially redress this gap by showcasing research that examines sport’s place within the broader entertainment business. Our aim is to encourage a dialogue between sports historians and social and cultural historians working in other areas and disciplines.

As such, we are particularly keen to receive articles on the history of sport’s relationship with culture and leisure industries, especially where these links have been hitherto relatively unexplored. For example, how has sport as a business compared to or interacted with publishing, the fairground, theatre, cinema, shopping for pleasure, music, etc? We welcome papers covering a diverse range of historical periods, including the recent past (providing they offer a suitably historical perspective), and geographical contexts, both British and non-British.”

Frist for innlevering av abstract er 20. april, mens endelig paper skal innleveres sommeren 2013.

Kontakt gjesteredaktør Dion Georgiou and Ben Litherland på denne adressen,