The 2023 Winter Games in Economic History

The Norwegian Economic History Association (NØHF) invites to the ever first Winter Games in Economic History to be held at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) 20 January 2023.

The format of the Winter Games will be that of a low threshold workshop. The aim is to bring together scholars as well as PhD and master level students to help each other to develop research ideas and paper drafts on their way to publication. We therefore welcome submissions of both paper drafts and ideas for future research projects. Although designated commentators will be assigned each paper/research ideas, all participants are expected to read the papers of others and contribute to discussions.

Regarding scope, the Winter Games are intended as a broad arena. We apply a broad understanding of economic history and welcome also submissions from business history and other, neighbouring fields (i.e. historical political economy, social history, labour history, historical demography etc).

Contributions from master students and junior researchers are as valuable as those from established scholars. “Norwegian” is understood in a most liberal way, i.e., scholars either based in Norway or working on a topic related to it, independent of nationality.  Moreover, as a low threshold arena, papers in all stages of preparation are welcome, from your roughest draft to highly polished gems.

We call for two types of contributions:

  • Papers
  • Ideas’ corner: Designated slots where scholars can outline and receive feedback on a proposed research project, article idea or dataset.

For both types of contributions please forward a short abstract (up to 300 words) for consideration to:

Abstracts deadline: 15 November 2022.  

Successful applicants will be notified within a fortnight. Deadline for submission of papers is 6 January 2023.  Papers will be distributed to all participants no later than 10 January 2023.